Bringing Together the Aspects of Our Work We Like Best

Tea & Coffee

Est. 2013

Cafe Showroom

Companion Coffee operates in association with Voo Store in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Our cafe aims to source the best espresso possible from a trusted network of quality-focused roasters from across Europe and further abroad and humbly share it with our customers in a relaxed environment.   The complete Companion Tea range is available to enjoy in the cafe as well as to take home, alongside coffee beans and brew equipment.     WHERE WE ARE — N 52° 30′ 3.38″

About Us

Companion Coffee is Shawn Barber and Chris Onton. After spending a number of years exploring various roles in the specialty coffee industry in Vancouver, Perth and Berlin, we launched Companion in 2013 with the aim of creating a platform that gave us the chance to bring together the aspects of working with coffee and tea that we like best.


We are applying the same ethics that drive the specialty coffee sector in terms of transparency, ethics and an absolute quality focus while curating a tea range that allows us to express what excites us so much about tea.   Our offerings vary as we transition through different harvest seasons and discover new teas we are excited to share. Our selection process is a thorough exercise in sampling, reviewing and sourcing with the goal of providing a tea range that is unique and exceptional. We maintain an unrelenting focus on quality while aiming to get ever closer to the people producing the crop. Our current range is available for purchase at our cafe as well as a number of others across Europe who we supply with tea.   Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.


Consultation & Training

We are Berlin based coffee and tea professionals with in depth experience in preparation and service of specialty coffee and tea and cafe management.   We see quality and consistency as key to establishing sustainable and profitable businesses in the coffee industry and offer advice and training to people looking to implement or improve their service of high quality coffee and tea.   The advice we provide is catered to the individual and draws on a wide spectrum of industry specific expertise, from exploring supply options for coffee and equipment, creating a menu and bar design to Barista and service training and implementing systems for ongoing training of Baristas and quality control.


We channel our on-bar experience, aggregated knowledge and dedication to crafting great drinks into providing quality coffee and tea at events. Our services are offered at any level of volume and we are committed to serving drinks at very high standards in an effective and unique way catered specifically to the event at hand.   If you are considering providing coffee or tea related drinks at an event, please contact us to discuss the options that are available to you.